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I have trained kids ages 8-16 for about two years during the offseason.

I work with all ages My focus is predicated to the players opinion on what they want to focus on improving, along with their weaknesses.

Police are also investigating several similar allegations regarding Gorman dating back to the 1980’s when he was a martial arts instructor in the Stroudsburg area. - A former youth wrestling coach in the Stroudsburg area is now facing additional charges after a second alleged victim from has come forward.Ron Gorman, 61, was arrested in Marietta, Georgia, where he now resides, on March 3rd after allegations were made in Georgia of inappropriate relationships with boys Gorman coached.Pennsylvania authorities were notified once it was discovered Gorman, who was formerly known as Ron Rarick, was once a wrestling coach in the Stroudsburg area.A 20-year-old man from Stroudsburg originally came forward alleging he was sexually abused by Gorman between the ages of 10 and 15 when he was a part of the wrestling program.She told the court she felt she couldn't say no because he was her softball coach. He was brought back to court several times for violating bond conditions before bond was raised to 0,000 in Nov. Galloway was also accused of fostering relationships with other teenage girls from the team, one of whom he met at a bar in Allendale while out on bond.


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