Damage control dating gone wrong

In many circumstances, it can also trigger feelings of love and affection.

Y’all are probably wondering how me, Mama June, got right here.”Cue a flashback to the Honey Boo Boo days.

The workers loved it and over time started feeding the wildlife that lived in the wooded area and then one day, accidentally, one of the workers gets bit by a raccoon.

Obviously the manufacturing plant has been doing proactive things for their employees up until that point – they erected a park, didn’t they? Because what you’re really all about is not rabies…

It’s plain that Mayor de Blasio was desperate for an out from his vow to march in a parade that would honor an unrepentant terrorist, so his people reached out and got OLR to announce he wouldn’t accept the “National Freedom Hero” honor at the June 11 event.

Easy enough to do: The board’s chair, Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez, works for the mayor, and OLR No.


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