Dating sites that allow nudity describe absolute dating and relative dating

He responded with a terse “You’re pretty ugly yourself.” One of your fellow moderators weighed in with, “Not ban worthy, but he’s clearly a jerk.” It’s remarkable that people have access to private messages, in some cases, and get to weigh in on them. It is interesting that this person flagged a private message on a dating site and now it’s up for scrutiny by anonymous people who have apparently been chosen as moderators for no reason at all that I can find.

What have you learned about people since being a moderator on Ok Cupid?

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I have no doubt those feedbacks are from peeps working or supporting this app in some fashion.

What did you have to do to become qualified to be a moderator? I’m not a very active user of the website and all of a sudden they notified me that I had been made a moderator. You mentioned that one of the things flagged was a series of private messages between two users.

A man contacted another user, the “flagger," who said she/he wasn’t interested in him because he was too young for her/him.

At present, there are two apps that are in extremely wide use among youth, including in Mountain Brook. It’s anonymous, specific to schools, and particularly suited to cyberbullying.

The i Tunes store rates it: “You must be 17 years old to download this app…. But, I was able to look at the feeds from several high schools.


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