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In my case this was an issue with the Windows registry, where the key and this is what is seen in the Control Panel interface, so everything seems OK there - you have to get into the registry with regedit to see the discrepancy between the two keys.

Different applications use these registry keys in different ways, and apparently Skype relies entirely on the Locale key.

If you’re worried about your connection make sure you’ve got nobody else using the internet at the same time, and remember that you can connect directly to your router to get a more stable connection if you usually use wifi. Choose your location carefully Make sure you’re seated somewhere comfy, and with a good surface to rest your laptop on, if you’re using one.

You might also want to make sure your webcam is directed at your best angle! Look smart While this isn’t a proper date, it’s worth getting out of your tracksuit and into something presentable.

In order to change them, press the start button and type "change time" which should take you to the I experienced the same thing when I installed Skype for the first time yesterday, my Win7 64-bit system is set to Swedish, but Skype presented date/time in US-english format.Here are our top tips for having a perfect Skype date! Sort out your tech There’s nothing more frustrating (and embarrassing) than settling down to chat to someone online only to find your laptop has no battery or your sound keeps dropping out.Give yourself plenty of time before the chat in order to set up your computer and test call a friend.The victims reported collective losses of .4 million, which is likely only a fraction of the actual losses since many victims are too embarrassed to file a report, the FBI said.About 70% of the victims were female; more than half were women 40 years or older.A man calling himself "John" messaged her and through daily phone calls and messages on Facebook, he gained her trust.


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