David cook and lacey schwimmer dating

The couple apparently met at the “Idol Gives Back” special, and Cook has been sneaking off day and night to make time with his salsa sweetheart.

Schwimmer has also been linked to fellow “Dance” contestant, Hok Konishi. Said that he was present when Schwimmer and Cook met and started flirting.

And btw I know he said he was single but then again people sometimes lie to get more votes...???

Thats why im confused cause he said he was single but then people have been saying he is dating her....i don't know what to believe lol but i really want to know!!

But their source also says “Hawk totally noticed and you could tell he was jealous.

I mean, hanging out for a couple weeks doesn't constitute a relationship. Every single article I've seen about this says almost exactly the same thing - it all comes from that stupid OK! I think the thing that triggered it was her dancing all up on him like a ho on the show.

I said in another post, there were any truth to this wouldn't TMZ be all over it?

He's too smart and preoccupied to get involved with anyone right now.

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