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If you're a mac user, you can try Colloquy or Textual. To join the channel, open up your IRC client of choice and follow these instructions: You should now be on IRC with the rest of us, come say hi, we're a really friendly bunch!

If you're already using an IRC client, you can click here to join directly.

Dann klickt man oben rechts auf NICKSERV und trägt dort das gewünschte Passwort und die e-Mail-Adresse ein und klickt auf den Button REGISTER.

In a worst-case scenario, mark the comment with a spoiler tag first. Mindlessly repeating a meme, word or sentence is not valid conversation. If the team you are trying to bet on is scheduled to play in more than one game the bot will PM you with a list of Game IDs to specify which game.

If you have to choose, follow the spirit of the rules, not the letter. If you're obnoxious in a way that's not on here, they'll still kick you. There are women on the internet, and they're tired of boys being assholes about it. ## #r/Global Offensive IRC rules & information ###How to connect to IRC Quick intro-guide for those unfamiliar with IRC and how to use it: The easiest way to get on IRC is to use the [Web Chat]( A short overview of how to connect can be found [here]( Lo F9) If you would prefer an actual client, [m IRC]( or [Hex Chat]( are your best bet for Windows users.

We look forward to seeing you in the chat rooms Description: The site has been around for some time but we are just now finishing a complete upgrade we are now inspircd and a brand new web chat that requires no plugins such as flash and works on pretty much any browser windows android or ios many new features in web chat drop in and check us out.

Wer noch nie in einem IRC Chat war sollte sich die folgenden Zeilen kurz durchlesen um diesen Chat besser bedienen zu können.


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