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She is portrayed as being antagonistic towards Spencer and the Liars at times, but has seemingly been revealed to be protecting Spencer the whole time. In "No One Here Can Love or Understand Me," Melissa reveals to Spencer through a video tape that she was the one who buried Bethany Young alive.Melissa was in the Di Laurentis backyard when she heard Spencer arguing with Alison.-Kissed his ex-fiancée's sister (exposed) - Abused his position - Gave Melissa un-prescribed medication -Has a father who was in a mental institution (exposed to Hanna) - Kissed Hanna - Authorized visitor's pass for "Ce Ce Drake" to visit Mona (exposed) - Made Ashley Marin get disbarred - Was dating and living with Melissa again (exposed) - Smokes cigarettes (exposed to Spencer) - Is Alison's sperm donor - Was aware of Alex's existence and was the one who introduced her to Charlotte and Spencer - Shot Alex Drake so she could have the same scar as Spencer (exposed to Spencer) Dr.Wren Kingston was a doctor at Rosewood Community Hospital and a volunteer at Radley Sanitarium.The protagonist balks at the prospect of “trampl[ing] upon these tinted splendors” because he—“a man, a mortal”—does not believe himself worthy of strolling the gods’ walkway.

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Melissa is first seen complimenting Spencer for her job in renovating the barn.

When the kids are all tucked in we’ll watch a game that’s recorded or just sit and chat.

Melissa Rauch is a young American actress with hot measurements.

He was once engaged to Melissa Hastings and kissed Spencer Hastings, and later Hanna Marin.

Wren often tended to appear in Spencer's hour of need, and briefly Hanna's.


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