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When she collapses at an aquarium a spirit residing in a penguin-shaped hat takes over her body and promises to extend her life – but only if the brothers manage to find an elusive item called the Penguin Drum.Watch this for a lesson in how anime can deal with real-world emotions in batshit crazy settings. Ce lycée n'est habituellement réservé qu'aux gens de la haute société et tous les élèves sont de riches héritiers.

Kyoya twitched, Tamaki knew that he liked silence when studying and this question made him lose his place in the textbook.My heartbeat grew faster still as I gladly opened my mouth, letting his tongue play around inside, exploring every inch whilst maintaining clear dominance.Having never kissed like this before, I was a bit more shy in letting our tongues dance, slowing letting mine find its way into his mouth. I wasn't used to having so little personal space, barely being able to take a small step backwards... Very carefully, Hikaru pushed a strand of my hair that had been covering my face away, his hand trailing down to rest on the back of my neck. I need to talk to you." - When Haruhi is comforted by Hikaru on the anniversary of her mothers death, she finds herself feeling some things she doesn't quite understand. "We'll just have to sit here for the seven minutes."I felt my heart beating rapidly as Hikaru turned to face me again, his golden eyes staring straight into mine, a light blush flooding both of our cheeks.If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, try visiting this project on a computer. Anime names are a bit complicated as far as entering goes.


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