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Usual hundred years ago there was a stigma attached to online dating that it is fair.

Authors major study into effects of dating apps hasn’t gone unnoticed by its users.

Many people in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) feel priced out of the market.

Now real estate agent Lesli Gaynor, is putting her own experience to use in guiding potential buyers into co-ownership arrangements. ” With a background in social work and social policy, she is the first to acknowledge that the partnerships are not for everyone.

But for native-born Canadians, the assumption of the ability to afford a single-family home has been taken for granted.

In many other places in Canada, it is still the case.

“We’re so over housed” And while that may take time, Gaynor is advising and connecting people who want to make the move, with the financial clout greater resources can provide.

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" NVPC's 2015 Corporate Giving Survey showed that four in five companies here have given time or money to disadvantaged people, and one in two has organised volunteering activities for employees.

In one hour I spoke with 14 authors in 3-minute increments about their upcoming releases. Gratz is encouraging fans of the series to share their creative responses by submitting them to

Catherine Linka’s features a present-day alternate American history in which the main character, Avie, is sold as a teenage bride.

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Ohio state home games as a means to get a date, get ready to text 98.


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