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Today, Tran’s Huy Fong Foods, the maker of sriracha, sells a staggering million worth of the rooster sauce.Spice: 4/5 There’s a reason why we douse our entrees, appetizers and bodies with this delicate balance of garlic, vinegar and chili like an addict chases a fix.Robust and with a nutty, pungent earthiness behind the heat, it gives a range of dishes a vivacious and dynamic backbone with more complexity than most other hot sauces offer.A strand of dried chilles hangs outside a spice shop in Nabeul, Tunisia.The TV cook and writer spent many of her teenage years in Thailand, where the sauce that inspired Tran originates in the town of Si Racha."I've been eating it on everything for years," she says. "Erskine, who uses Sriracha as a spicy "Thai ketchup", is horrified to learn about the sauce's uncertain future. ") But residents who live near Tran's factory, built in 2010 as demand soared, are less enthused.For the connoisseurs of a condiment made in California by an eccentric former farmer-turned major in the South Vietnamese Army, these are worrying times.On Friday, a judge is due to decide the fate of the factory where David Tran makes Sriracha hot sauce, pitting locals who claim its fumes have made them sick against a global community of foodies whose spice receptors go into spasms of delight at the very mention of its name.

Spice: 2/5 Trader Joe’s has joined the onslaught of Sriracha knock­offs with its garlic­dominant Thai concoction, although watered down and slightly off the mark of the original rooster sauce. Had the characters in “True Blood” had a bottle of Trader Joe’s Sriracha, things would be much different.Soaked in water to soften, the chilies are ground with garlic, salt and spices to make the country’s ubiquitous condiment (Jeff Koehler) Since I fell for harissa on my first trip to Tunisia 12 years ago, it has become one of my kitchen staples.It goes into not only such Tunisian favourites as couscous and spicy seafood pasta, but a multitude of global dishes.What happens when you go on a Tinder date with someone who the only thing you have in common is liking Sriracha?Gabi and Dave find out on our second Undercover Tinder Date.A spoonful whisked into mayonnaise makes a speedy and rich sauce that adds the depth of garlic, caraway and coriander to the classic Spanish dish of patatas bravas.


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