Typological dating

They have been dated based on their typology and the chronological framework of time periods.The time periods and date ranges used are based on Jeff Boudreau’s typology of New England projectile points.

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The targets of these networks can be for policy making, commercial innovation, education, improved quality of life, and information exchange or resource organisation.

A type may represent one kind of attribute or several and need include only those features that are significant for the problem at hand.

Because a type need deal with only one kind of attribute, typologies can be used for the study of variables and of transitional situations.

in archaeology, a method of systematic and chronological classifying of archaeological remains. The typological method entails the classification of ancient objects—such as weapons, work implements, ornaments, or vessels—according to the materials and methods used in making them and according to their shape and ornamentation.

Montelius, was first applied in European archaeology in the second half of the 19th century.


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